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Seek Counsel for Construction Defect Claims in Los Angeles, CA

It’s in your best interest to seek counsel from a knowledgeable construction defect attorney if you’re a property owner, a contractor, or a subcontractor and you’re involved in a dispute over defects in a newly developed structure. At Monteleone & McCrory, LLP, we represent building owners, general contractors, subcontractors, developers, and manufacturers throughout Arizona and California in defect claims. When you’re threatened by construction defect claims in Los Angeles, CA, we’ll work to investigate your case and work in hopes of a favorable resolution.

Why You May Need a Construction Defect Litigation Attorney

Construction professionals take pride in developing new buildings, homes, neighborhoods, offices, retail centers, warehouses, and more all across the country. These structures support the great cities that make up our nation. We welcome the opportunity to discuss any construction defect issues you may have with your business or home.


Over the years, our experienced business lawyers have represented contractors, design professionals, owners, subcontractors, and suppliers. We’ve handled corporate law claims related to everything from the structural design and its architectural features, the soils, the foundations, the walls, windows, mechanical and electrical systems, as well as the roofs.

We make every effort to resolve construction defect claims out of the courtroom. However, we feel that the most effective means of trial preparation is preparing as if every case will be tried before a judge or jury. As business lawyers, we approach each case as if we’ll be in the courtroom. We feel strongly that this approach gives our clients the leverage necessary to reach favorable resolutions. 

Discuss Your Situation With Us

We proudly welcome the chance to discuss any construction defects affecting your building or home, and we are happy to offer advice and support when it comes to construction defects. Our construction defect litigation attorney is prepared to do everything it takes to defend your rights to the extent of the law.